Inspire for Pregnancy

Floor and core

pregnancyThe Core and Floor class is a combined pre- and postnatal class focussing on posture, stability and pelvic floor control. The intention is to learn how to properly engage the core so that you can incorporate these habits into your regular fitness regime.  The class will use the principles of rehabilitative pilates and focus on working on the core from the inside out.  You will be working at your own level and exercises will be modified as needed.  The focus will be on understanding the core through education while gaining strength and control in the abdominals, back and pelvic floor. Specific adaptations will be made to accommodate for pregnancy.


**The next session will start up again JANUARY 10TH, 2018.**


Wednesday, January 10th to Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Time:  7:30-8:15 p.m.


Located at Calgary Pilates in Mission

Mission Square Suite 200,
2424 – 4th Street SW Calgary AB T2S 2T4.


$250 for 10 weeks

May be pro-rated to account for due dates based on availability.

To register, please e-mail

Phone: 403-245-5885 Please only phone this number if it is in regard to your class that day.

Otherwise, please e-mail or phone 403-803-4636 for more information.


Please contact for more details and to register for the next session.

*All participants must have clearance from their physician to participate in an exercise program and fill out a Parmed-X for Pregnancy before beginning a class.